Lite-An AC Adapter For Acer Notbooks 19V 4.74A 90W 5.5*1.7MM - 30-Days Warranty

Lite-An AC Adapter Blue Tip For Acer Notbooks 19V 4.74A 90W 5.5*1.7MM - 30-Days Warranty

  • Output : 19V, 4.74A
  • Power: 90W
  • P/N : AM1606004258
  • Internal Code : 194790
  • Not including power cable
  • Including UK Cable and Box
  • Compatible with:
Acer Aspire 3040
Acer Aspire 4220 4235 4240
Acer Aspire 5020 5040 5043 5044
Acer Aspire 5220
Acer Aspire 5310
Acer Aspire 5520 5520G 5530 5530G 5540 5550 5560 5590
Acer Aspire 5610 5610Z 5630 5650 5680
Acer Aspire 7220 7230

                  Acer Aspire 3820TG

                  Acer Aspire 4820TG
                  Acer Aspire 5820TG

                        Acer Aspire 4520 4520G 4535 4535G 4540 4540G
                        Acer Aspire 4710G 4720ZG 4730Z 4730ZG 4740 4740G 4745 4745G
                        Acer Aspire 4920G 4925G 4930 4930G
                        Acer Aspire 5536 5536G 5541G 5542G 5551G 5553G
                        Acer Aspire 5710 5710G 5710ZG
                        Acer Aspire 5720 5720G 5720ZG 5730G 5730ZG
                        Acer Aspire 5738ZG 5739 5739G
                        Acer Aspire 5740DG 5740G 5741 5741G 5742G 5745G 5745PG
                        Acer Aspire 5910G 5920 5920G 5930G 5935G 5940G 5942G
                        Acer Aspire 6530G
                        Acer Aspire 6920G 6930 6930G 6930ZG 6935 6935G
                        Acer Aspire 7520 7520G 7530 7530G 7535G 7540G 7551G 7552G
                        Acer Aspire 7720 7720G 7720Z 7720ZG
                        Acer Aspire 7730 7730G 7730ZG
                        Acer Aspire 7735 7735G 7735Z 7735ZG
                        Acer Aspire 7738 7738G

                                                      Acer Aspire 7740G 7741G 7745G
                                                      Acer Aspire 8530 8530G
                                                      Acer Aspire 8730 8730G 8730ZG 8735G 8735ZG
                                                      Acer Aspire 8920 8920G 8930G 8943G

                                                            Acer Aspire 9410Z

                                                            Acer Extensa 5220
                                                            Acer Extensa 5420G
                                                            Acer Extensa 5510Z
                                                            Acer Extensa 5610G 5620G 5630G 5630ZG
                                                            Acer Extensa 7220
                                                            Acer Extensa 7620 7620G 7620Z 7630ZG

                                                            Acer TravelMate 3240 3250 3280 3290
                                                            Acer TravelMate 4200 4230 4260 4280 4400
                                                            Acer TravelMate 5510 5610 5620
                                                            Acer TravelMate 6410 6460 6500
                                                            Acer TravelMate 7320
                                                            Acer TravelMate 7510 7514
                                                            Acer TravelMate 8200 8210

                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 4730 4730G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 5520 5520G 5530G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 5710G 5720G 5730G 5740G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 6592G 6593 6593G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 7520 7520G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 7530 7530G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 7720 7720G
                                                                                          Acer TravelMate 7730 7730G

                                                                                                        Acer TravelMate 8372G 8572G
                                                                                                        Acer Ferrari 5000, ID49C, ID79C,


                                                                                                              MD78, NV53, NV53A, NV59, NV59C, NV73A, NV79, NV79C

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                                                                                                              Lite-An AC Adapter For Acer Notbooks 19V 4.74A 90W 5.5*1.7MM - 30-Days Warranty

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