Battery for Toshiba C850 L850 M840 P840 Pro C840 Pro T752 Series PA5024U-1BRS 4400mAh 90-Days Warranty  | Assembled by ComputerG

 Assembled in Cyprus | Assembled in EU

Assembled by ComputerG with Top Quality Cells

Why should you buy your new laptop battery from us?

  • Brand New Fresh Battery Assembled in Cyprus Specially for you
  • High Quality Cells that last longer
  • 6-Months Warranty
  • Delivered in 2-3 Business Days

ComputerG specializes in assembling replacement batteries for laptop / notebook computers HERE in Cyprus. Our company, established in 2013, is dedicated to providing fast delivery and exceptional customer service. products you see on our site are always in stock and you can be sure that the delivery will reach you within 2-3 days.

Our Laptop Batteries are the finest and high quality batteries available in the market which meets original manufacturer standards. Our batteries are made with the highest quality materials to ensure reliability, safety, and quality.

Battery for Toshiba C850 L850 M840 P840 Pro C840 Pro T752 Series 4400mAh 90-Days Warranty

Technical specifications:

  • Brand: OEM
  • Voltage: 10,8V / 11,1V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Cells: 6
  • Color: Black

Suitable for the following devices:


Dynabook Qosmio T752 Series:
T752, T752 / T4F, T752 / T8F

Dynabook Qosmio T852 Series:
T852, T852 / 8F

Dynabook B352 Series:
B352, B352 / W2CF, B352 / W2CG, B352 / W2JF, B352 / W2JG, B352 / W2MF, B352 / W2MG, B352 / W2MGW

Dynabook T572 Series:
T572, T572 / W2MF, T572 / W3MG, T572 / W3TF, T572 / W4TG

Dynabook T642 / WTMGW

Dynabook T652 Series:
T652, T652 / W4UGB, T652 / W4VGB, T652 / W5UFB, T652 / W5UGB, T652 / W5VFB, T652 / W6VGB

Dynabook T752 Series:
T752, T752 / WTCFB, T752 / WTTFB, T752 / WVTGB

Dynabook T772 Series:
T772, T772 / W4TG, T772 / W5TF, T772 / W5TG, T772 / W6TG

Dynabook T552 Series:
T552, T552 / 36F, T552 / 47F, T552 / 58F

Satellite C50 Series:
C50-ABT2N11, C50-ABT2N12, C50-ASMBNX1, C50-ASMBNX2, C50-ASMBNX3, C50-AST2NX1, C50-AST2NX2, C50-AST2NX3, C50D-ABT2N11, C50D-AST2NX1 


Satellite C800 Series:
C800, C800D 

Satellite C805 Series:
C805, C805-C10B, C805-T01B, C805-T03B, C805-T06B, C805-T07B, C805-T23R, C805D, C805D-T08B, C805D-T09B 

Satellite C840 Series:
C840, C840D 

Satellite C845 Series:
C845 , C845-S4230, C845D 

Satellite C850 Series:
C850, C850-058, C850-05C, C850-08F, C850-08G, C850-08J, C850-101, C850-108, C850-10C, C850-10F, C850-119, C850-11C, C850-11V, C850-12M, C850-12V, C850-131, C850-132, C850-13C, C850-13D, C850-13E, C850-13X, C850-161, C850-168, C850-175, C850-19D, C850 19Z, C850-1C0, C850-1C1, C850-1C2, C850-1C4, C850-1C9, C850-1D2, C850-ST2N01, C850-ST2N02, C850-ST2N03, C850-ST2NX1, C850-ST2NX2, C850-ST2NX3, C850-ST3N01, C850-ST3N02, C850-ST3N03, C850-ST3NX1, C850-ST3NX2, C850-ST3NX3, C850-T03B, C850-T05B, C850 / 00M, C850 / 02D, C850 / 04G, C850 / 04Q, C850 / 05D, C850 / 05E, C850 / 073, C850 / 074, C850 / 08K, C850 / 09V, C850 / 0F3, C850D, C850D-008, C850D-011, C850D-01J, C850D-100, C850D-107, C850D- 109, C850D-10T, C850D-11Q, C850D-ST3N01, C850D-ST3NX1, C850D-T11B, C850D / 00X, C850D / 010, C850D / 01X 

Satellite C855 Series:
C855, C855-10G, C855-10K, C855-10M, C855-10T, C855-10X, C855-10Z, C855-111, C855-11F, C855-11G, C855-127, C855-128, C855-129, C855-12C, C855-12F, C855-12G, C855-12R, C855-13F, C855-13T, C855-14R, C855-14T, C855-14U, C855-15Q, C855-15U, C855-16M, C855- 177, C855-17C, C855-17M, C855-17N, C855-17Q, C855-17R, C855-17T, C855-17X, C855-17Z, C855-18J, C855-18L, C855-18N, C855-18P, C855-18R, C855-18U, C855-18V, C855-18Z, C855-190, C855-192, C855-1E7, C855-1EE, C855-1EF, C855-1GN, C855-1GP, C855-1GQ, C855- 1GR, C855-1H8, C855-1HK, C855-1HL, C855-1HM, C855-1J0, C855-1J1, C855-1J2, C855-1M1, C855-1MD, C855-1ME, C855-1RL, C855-1RM, C855-1RN, C855-1RP, C855-1RT, C855-1RU, C855-1RV, C855-1RX, C855-1TC, C855-1TD, C855-1TE, C855-1TF, C855-1TV, C855-1VN, C855- 1VT, C855-1W3, C855-1W4, C855-1W7, C855-1W9, C855-1WC, C855-1WM, C855-1WP, C855-1WQ, C855-1WR, C855-1WT,C855-1WU, C855-S5206, C855-S5214, C855-S5231, C855-S5233, C855-S5234, C855-S5236, C855-S5239, C855-S5239P, C855-S5241, C855-S5245, C855-S5247, C855- S5306, C855-S5308, C855-S5343, C855-S5345, C855-S5346, C855-S5347, C855-S5348, C855-S5349, C855-S5349N, C855-S5350, C855-S5350N, C855-S5352, C855-S5355, C855-S5356, C855-S5358, C855D, C855D-102, C855D-137, C855D-S5202, C855D-S5203, C855D-S5205, C855D-S5209, C855D-S5229, C855D-S5230, C855D-S5235, C855D-S5237, C855D-S5238, C855D-S5302, C855D-S5303, C855D-S5315, C855D-S5320, C855D-S5339, C855D-S5340, C855D-S5351, C855D-S5353, C855D-S5354, C855D-S5357, C855D-S5359, C855D STN02C855-S5349N, C855-S5350, C855-S5350N, C855-S5352, C855-S5355, C855-S5356, C855-S5358, C855D, C855D-102, C855D-137, C855D-S5202, C855D-S5203, C855D-S5205, C855D-S5209, S5229-C855D, C855D-S5230, S5235-C855D, C855D-S5237, S5238-C855D, C855D-S5302, S5303-C855D, C855D-S5315, S5320-C855D, C855D-S5339, C855D-S5340, C855D- S5351, C855D-S5353, C855D-S5354, C855D-S5357, C855D-S5359, C855D-STN02C855-S5349N, C855-S5350, C855-S5350N, C855-S5352, C855-S5355, C855-S5356, C855-S5358, C855D, C855D-102, C855D-137, C855D-S5202, C855D-S5203, C855D-S5205, C855D-S5209, C855D-S5229, C855D-S5230, C855D-S5235, C855D-S5237, C855D-S5238, C855D-S5302, C855D-S5303, C855D-S5315, C855D-S5320, C855D-S5339, C855D-S5340, C855D S5351, C855D-S5353, C855D-S5354, C855D-S5357, C855D-S5359, C855D-STN02

Satellite C870 Series:
C870, C870-10L, C870-10N, C870-10R, C870-11F, C870-11G, C870-11H, C870-11J, C870-121, C870-123, C870-12P, C870-134, C870-13D, C870-142, C870-143, C870-14V, C870-155, C870-156, C870-17D, C870-17F, C870-18V, C870-198, C870-ST2N01, C870-ST2N02, C870- ST2N03, C870-ST3NX1, C870-ST3NX2, C870-ST3NX3, C870D, C870D-00H, C870D-00M, C870D-105, C870D-11K

Satellite C875 Series:
C875, C875-130, C875-S7205, C875-S7228, C875 -S7303, C875-S7304, C875-S7340, C875D, C875D-S7220, C875D-S7223, C875D-S7225, C875D-S7345

Satellite L70 Series:
L70-AST2NX2, L70-AST2NX3

Satellite L800 Series:
L800, L800-C07B, L800 -C08W, L800-C09B, L800D

Satellite L805 Series:
L805, L805D

Satellite L830 Series:
L830, L830-10F, L830-10P, L830-10V, L830-10X, L830-10Z, L830-114, L830-118, L830-123, L830-138, L830-139, L830-144, L830-145, L830-T01R, L830-T01W, L830-T02R, L830-T02W, L830 / 001, L830 / 01P, L830 / 022, L830D 

Satellite L835 Series:
L835, L835D 

Satellite L840 Series:
L840, L840-00U, L840-026, L840-ST2N01, L840-ST3NX1, L840 / 007, L840 / 027, L840 / 03R, L840 / 03S, L840 / 04E, L840D, L840D-ST2N01 

Satellite L845 Series:
L845, L845-S4240, L845D 

Satellite L850 Series:
L850, L850-00F, L850-00G, L850-01X, L850-022, L850-11Q, L850-12U, L850-139, L850-13D, L850-14K, L850-153, L850-15Z, L850-161, L850-162, L850-166, L850-167, L850-168, L850-169, L850-16C, L850-17Z, L850-199, L850-19C, L850-19D, L850-19E, L850-1C9, L850- 1CC, L850-1D4, L850-1D5, L850-1EK, L850-ST2N01, L850-ST2N02, L850-ST2NX1, L850-ST3N01, L850-ST3N02, L850-ST3NX1, L850-ST3NX2, L850-T01B, L850-T01R, L850-T02B, L850 / 00P, L850 / 00Q, L850 / 00R, L850 / 01R, L850 / 03D, L850 / 03S, L850 / 046, L850 / 092, L850 / 0C8, L850 / 0C9, L850 / 0CC, L850 / 0D1, L850D, L850D-00J, L850D-00M, L850D-102, L850D-10V, L850D-117, L850D-11N, L850D-11P, L850D-ST2NX1, L850D-ST3NX1, L850D / 002, L850D / 003 

Satellite L855 Series :
L855, L855-01Y, L855-10P, L855-10T, L855-10U, L855-10W, L855-118, L855-11C, L855-11F, L855-11P, L855-11T, L855-12G, L855-135, L855-136, L855-148, L855-149, L855-14C, L855-14Q, L855-14R, L855-14U, L855-S5210, L855-S5240, L855-S5243, L855-S5244, L855-S5255, L855- S5309, L855-S5366, L855-S5368, L855-S5371, L855-S5372, L855-S5375, L855-T01M, L855D, L855D-00P, L855D-100, L855D-S5220, L855D-S5242 

Satellite L870 Series:
L870, L870 -111, L870-11J, L870-136, L870-13V, L870-14X, L870-169, L870-ST2N01, L870-ST2N02, L870-ST2NX1, L870-ST3NX1, L870-ST3NX2, L870-ST3NX3, L870D, L870D -ST2NX1, L870D-ST3NX1 

Satellite L875 Series:
L875, L875-10E, L875-10G, L875-10V, L875-116, L875-123, L875-124, L875-12P, L875-S7208, L875-S7209, L875-S7243, L875-S7245, L875-S7308, L875-S7377, L875D, L875D-103, L875D-S7230, L875D-S7232, L875D-S7332, L875D-S7342, L875D-S7343 

Satellite M800 Series:
M800, M800-T01W, M800-T02B, M800-T03B, M800-T03R , M800-T03W, M800D 

Satellite M801 Series:
M801, M801D 

Satellite M805 Series:
M805-T01C, M805-T02T, M805-T03C, M805-T03P, M805-T03T, M805D 

Satellite M840 Series:
M840, M840D 

Satellite M845 Series :
M845, M845D 

Satellite P800 Series:
P800, P800-T02S, P800D 

Satellite P840 Series:
P840, P840-ST2N01, P840D 

Satellite P845 Series:
P845, P845-S4200, P845D, P845T-S4310 

Satellite P850 Series:
P850, P850 3D, P850-12X, P850-12Z, P850-131, P850-132, P850-133, P850-138, P850-13C, P850- 304, P850-30V, P850-31L, P850-321, P850-ST2GX2, P850-ST2N02, P850-ST2N03, P850 / 02C, P850 / 030, P850 / 040, P850 / 04P, P850 / 05F, P850D 

Satellite P855 series :
P855, P855-102, P855-107, P855-109, P855-30H, P855-S5200, P855-S5312, P855D 

Satellite P870 Series:
P870, P870-10G, P870-11H, P870-11J, P870-11M, P870-ST2GX2, P870 / 023, P870 / 027, P870D 

Satellite P875 Series:
P875, P875-300, P875-305, P875-30E, P875-S7200, P875-S7310, P875D 

Satellite Pro C800 Series:
Pro C800, Pro C800 -K02B, Pro C800-K03B, Pro C800-K06B, Pro C800D, Pro C800D-K05B 

Satellite Pro C805 Series:
Pro C805, Pro C805D 

Satellite Pro C840 Series:
Pro C840, Pro C840D 

Satellite Pro C845 Series:
Pro C845, Pro C845D 

Satellite Pro C850 Series:
Pro C850, Pro C850-00W, Pro C850-00X, Pro C850-018, Pro C850 -10N, Pro C850-10R, Pro C850-10T, Pro C850-10U, Pro C850-10V, Pro C850-10W, Pro C850-10X, Pro C850-10Z, Pro C850-111, Pro C850-113, Pro C850 -116, Pro C850-11N, Pro C850-12Z, Pro C850-14C, Pro C850-14D, Pro C850-15N, Pro C850-15Q, Pro C850-15T, Pro C850-15V, Pro C850-172, Pro C850 C850-1C3, Pro C850-1CW, Pro C850-1EQ, Pro C850-1ER, Pro C850-1FJ, Pro C850-1FN, Pro C850D 

Satellite Pro C855 Series:
Pro C855, Pro C855D 

Satellite Pro C870 Series:
Pro C870, Pro C870-006, Pro C870-008, Pro C870-11R, Pro C870D

Satellite Pro C875 Series:
Pro C875, Pro C875D

Satellite Pro L800 Series:
Pro L800, Pro L800D

Satellite Pro L805 Series:
Pro L805, Pro L805D

Satellite Pro L830 Series:
Pro L830, Pro L830-104, Pro L830-10G, Pro L830 Pro L830-10J, Pro L830-113, Pro L830-11D, Pro L830-11G, Pro L830-13E, Pro L830-13R, Pro L830D

Satellite Pro L835 Series:
Pro L835, Pro L835D

Satellite Pro L840 Series:
Pro L840, Pro L840D

Satellite Pro L845 Series:
Pro L845, Pro L845D

Satellite Pro L850 Series:
Pro L850, Pro L850-110, Pro L850-112, Pro L850-11R, Pro L850-11T, Pro L850-11U, Pro L850-11V, Pro L850-11W, Pro L850-11X, Pro L850-13F, Pro L850 -1C4, Pro L850-1DN, Pro L850-1DP, Pro L850-1DQ, Pro L850-1DR, Pro L850-1DT, Pro L850-1DV, Pro L850-1DW, Pro L850-1DZ, Pro L850-1EF, Pro L850 -1EQ, Pro L850-1ER, Pro L850-1G8, Pro L850-1G9, Pro L850-1KM, Pro L850-1L4, Pro L850-1MH, Pro L850-1MJ, Pro L850D 

Satellite Pro L855 Series:
Pro L855, Pro L855D 

Satellite Pro L870 Series:
Pro L870, Pro L870-122, Pro L870-124, Pro L870-127, Pro L870-12W, Pro L870-130, Pro L870-13U, Pro L870-149, Pro L870-171, Pro L870 -172, Pro L870D 

Satellite Pro L875 Series:
Pro L875, Pro L875D 

Satellite Pro M800 Series:
Pro M800, Pro M800D 

Satellite Pro M801 Series:
Pro M801 Pro M801D 

Satellite Pro M805 Series:
Pro M805 Pro M805D 

Satellite Pro M840 Series
Pro M840 Pro M840D 

Satellite Pro M845 Series
Pro M845 Pro M845D 

Satellite Pro P800 Series
Pro P800 Pro P800D 

Satellite Pro P840 Series
Pro P840, Pro P840D 

Satellite Pro P845 Series:
Pro P845, Pro P845D 

Satellite Pro P850 Series:
Pro P850, Pro P850D 

Satellite Pro P855 Series:
Pro P855, Pro P855D 

Satellite Pro P870 Series:
Pro P870, Pro P870D 

Satellite Pro P875 Series:
Pro P875, Pro P875D 

Satellite Pro S800 Series:
Pro S800, Pro S800D 

Satellite Pro S840 Series:
Pro S840, Pro S840D 

Satellite Pro S845 Series:
Pro S845, Pro S845D 

Satellite Pro S850 Series:
Pro S850, Pro S850-003, Pro S850-004, Pro S850D 

Satellite Pro S855 Series:
Pro S855, Pro S855D 

Satellite Pro S870 Series:
Pro S870, Pro S870D 

Satellite Pro S875 Series:
Pro S875, Pro S875D 

Satellite R945 Series:
R945, R945-P440 

Satellite S800 Series:
S800, S800D 

Satellite S840 Series:
S840, S840D 

Satellite S845 Series:
S845, S845D 

Satellite S850 Series:
S850 , S850D 

Satellite S855 Series:
S855, S855-01L, S855-043, S855-045, S855-050, S855-S5251, S855-S5254, S855-S5260, S855-S5264, S855-S5265, S855-S5266, S855-S5267, S855-S5268, S855-S5290P, S855-S5369, S855-S5377N, S855-S5378, S855-S5379, S855-S5380, S855-S5381, S855-S5382, S855-S5384, S855-S5386, S855D, S855D-S5253, S855D-S5256 

Satellite S870 Series:
S870, S870D 

Satellite S875 Series:
S875, S875-004, S875-013, S875-03R, S875-S7240, S875-S7242, S875-S7248, S875-S7356, S875-S7370, S875-S7376, S875D, S875D-S7239, S875D-S7350

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  • Lithium batteries are sold in Cyprus only since the law prohibits shipping lithium batteries by air.
  • Our batteries are OEM Replicas non-genuine if not otherwise indicated.
  • Batteries are covered with 6 Months Warranty.
  • Warranty on batteries coveres the following faults only: 1. Battery is Not Charing 2. Battery is Not Recognized/Detected.
  • Warranty on batteries doesn't cover the backup time.
  • In case of any fault, clients' notebook must be accompanied with the faulty battery for diagnosis by us or by our resellers in order to confirm compatibility and functionality. 

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  5. Shipping cost back to our shop or to any ACS or Akis Express Point in Nicosia should be covered by the buyer.

Battery for Toshiba C850 L850 M840 P840 Pro C840 Pro T752 Series PA5024U-1BRS 4400mAh 90-Days Warranty | Assembled by ComputerG

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